Monday, November 2, 2009


It's a work of the young Martin Scorsese. It's was released shortly after the American Government decided to flew back all their armies back home from Vietnam. The year was 1976, it's the mark of the end of the Vietnam War. This film is the beginning of Scorsese's Genius as a filmmaker.

THE STORY:- Was told through the eye of a late nite taxi driver -Travis Bickle(Robert De Niro); who leaves in New York City. He's a Vietnam Veteran, who regularly writes a letter to his parent, lying to them that he'd doing well in the big city, but actually Bickle suffered a chronic imsomia & a lonely American male in search for love. Freakily went to watch a stags movie on his first date, & he buys guns, & talks to himself in front of the mirror, preparing himself for a showdown in the Big Apple! This is a deadly tales of a lost dead loner in the late nite urban scape driven himself to insanity, poor ol' guy!

THE WIERD IDEA:- Hey, he has this weird idea in his head but nobody wants to listen especially the mayor. New York in the 1976, portrayed by Scorcese filled with it's own version of red light district, where stag shows cinemas, can be found all over the placed. The hookers ranging as young as the sweet innocent teen Jodie Foster, to who knows how old this grandma? He carefully planned his weird idea after he met the exploited teenage hooker.

COMEO:- I personally love this scenes! Both of them Bickle- Robert De Niro was sitting in a taxi. His customer are spying on an apartment, spying on his cheating wife. Then the guy said,-' There! My wife is in that building! Cheating on me! You wan to  know whose apartment she's in? Yeah.. It's own by a black-man, a black-man! You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to kill both of them with this magnum! You know what a magnum could do?'- Be imaginative, you guess? The cheated husband was played by Scorsese himself. A quick brilliant sequence!

SOUNDTRACK:- Are compliment of manhattan style late nite jazz that perfectly suits the movie!

BEST BIT:- None other than an award winning in front the mirror speech. The hilarious yet provoking; 'Are you talking to me?! What? Are you talking to me?!' No, You must be talking to me caused there'sno one here'- scene acted by De Niro is a timeless classic movie moment. The guns dealer scene & finally with a Punk haircuts, De Niro aka Travis Bickle- stormed the hookers motel & in order to save the under age hooker, & at the same time wrapped the movie with a twisted Bloodbath shooting spree finale! It's really an unexpected ending, but it's a good one, & it made the movie won the academy award for the Best Picture.

So, what else I can write? It's a great film, it's original, a trendsetter, very visionary & it's one of my most fav. Best to be viewed late at nite, similar to the mood suggested by the movie!

Friday, October 23, 2009


A live piano/vocal session album by the goth queen Diamanda Galas. I dig it because of it's simplicity & of course the minimal approach. I love it when it's all strips! Yet it is an absolute product of horror elegance.

VOICE:- To me, she have a magnificent voice. But to someone else, she may sounds scary! Her howling is similar to the lady vampire as describe in Ann Rice vampire tales. Believe me, if you're listening to it in the dark on high volume, this album has the ability of making your hairs stands or 'meremang bulu roma'. The high pitched, husky powerful falsetto is outstanding. So with that, I bought this album with an open mind, hoping it's worth the cash I've spend, & indeed it does!

SONGS:- Filled with personally picked song by her, doing a cover of few of iconic tracks, such as 'Autumn Leaves' & 'Long Black Veil'. I'm surprised & feeling shocked at the same time, hearing to the makeover that she had done to the songs. It's unique, dark, damaging, bleeds, haunting, eerie, suspense, yet it's entertaining! A rare sound stage that I find it one of a kind, & it's worth checking out. If she's brave enough to stick with this dark genre, than it's fair enough to us, listeners to be brave as what she did, to give a few playback exploring this work of hers.

To be franked, I only listen to this album on my Tivoli only when I'm alone at home. It's too brute, sadistic, dark macabre atmospheric album, if ones wants to played it, when your loved one is at home. By listening to her howls, I believe, it may lead to a heart attack;- that is just my naughty POV. How's the album like? - To me, yes it's entertaining! Imagine an aging Tina Turner singing a cover songs, injecting the deep dark sadistic goth macabre, blues, jazz, ballads, along side an avant piano playing & the mesmerizing powerful vocal, no doubt it had infected me with a strong feeling of addiction & longing for more! Like an ecstasy, I felt drugged, & stoned; - The result, a constant repetitive listening towards this album continuously on the iPod, whenever I'm outstation before I went to zzzzzzzz...

I've never heard such a work similar to this. So that's why I eagerly wrote this post, in order to share my thought about Diamanda Galas. On scales from 1 to 10, I'll give it a 7. But in the same genre (Goth), it's a classics! Guilty Guilty Guilty hits a 10/10 on my scales chart! My humble advised, do not play it on air during you're open house session. Why? It will make your guest wondering, what're you're a human or a 'Vampire Lestat'! My most fav track on this released is a cover originally sang by the great, late Nat King Cole,- 'Autumn Leaves'. An analog quality live session album, only for experimentalist listeners! Totally not for commercial music followers!


Friday, October 9, 2009


A collaboration album. It's a serious project between the great late country folk legend, - Johnny Cash & the founder of Def-Jam Records, who are also a big boss of American Recordings Music Company. The Guru Ichi's similar look, with the earth & sky unsimilarity kind of personality. He is none other than music producer Rick Rubin.

This album is one of the series of American Recordings. It's a series of covers, did by Cash before his permanent departures. Simply a strip, minimal, elegant acoustic album that revamp his career. American Recordings IV, consist a carefully selected tracks, by Cash himself, whereby he concluded that the numbers chosen are mostly, he believed as a great work of song writing.

Profoundly, expressing a deep, dark aging masculine voiced to songs such as NIN's Hurt, Depache Mode's Personal Jesus & reinventing his lost buried song's Gives My Love To Rose, Cash proves, he still have a lot more left in him. Ones should be moved, by this startlely haunting album.

The album, although a result of Country Folk Acoustic, but it shouldn't be waived by the grungers, rockers, nor the younger listeners, since it's a great influancetual album that worth referring at. The arrangement is simple, yet the sounding of this album is a sheer production of a high end quality. It will resonate incredibly cool through your audio system & your iPod as well.

the cover songs may varies, ranging from essential tracks ditched from Sting, Simon & Garfunkel, Eagles, & The Great Late Nat King Cole! As what I've written earlier, this album is calm, & haunting. The life span is guaranteed to last a bit longer. Also includes a guest appearances by Nick Cave, Will Oldham, & accompanied with selected top notched sessionist.

Best to be enjoyed at a respected volume, while you're relaxing at home during a wet unsunny day along sides the dribbles raindrops. It's a CLASSIC! A 5/5 stars ratings! Acoustic it may appears, but with it's magic, ones may find it's an addictive album to be heard continuously. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Hunt it down! Buy It! & Cherished it! As same as what i did! TQ

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Leonard Cohen, a talented poet, his an artist, author, a singer, song writer & also a musician. Leonard Cohen is totally the opposite side of Dylan, if ones wanted to compared this both singer. The diversity between this two is absolutely  the depth of the topic or massages that can be found in both of their songs.

Now, what made me to become one of Cohen's fan, lies on Cohen's masculinity voiced. Deep & captivating. In this album for example, in my POV was remarkably performed only by an acoustic guitar & chimes along side Cohen's poetical, spiritual, cosmic & soulful lyrics. I admired him, because he don't sang stupid worship songs about getting high, but he sang things that reflects our life, & that is serious sh*t!

MINIMAL! Yes it's another simple product that seems to grab my sense of interest. I find it, the simplicity of the whole album is so truthful & it seems a great amount of effort had been poured by the singer to album are more visible. When it's minimal, - The vocal & the instrument is a vital exposure that need to be executed at the best shape in order to avoid any detection of weaknesses  from the album. That is my personal POV, some may have different idea, isn't it?

This album had been released for  ages ago. It doesn't equips with what we defined as the -  'State Of Art' sound system or any equipment or systems that reflects this album sound quality, but guys this album have it own Charmed! Trust me on this. As an acoustic album, it will certainly sounds pretty darn good on an average audio system & through your factory stocks iPod speakers. For those who had spend the immense amount upgrading their Super Audio System, Then it's fair they will enjoy every strums, plucks, &  Cohen's dried baritone voiced. You'll be moved by this album calmness & it's melancholic tracks. I normally play this album-while cruising on an empty highway in the middle of the night. Play it at a decent volume & focus!

I'll give a whopping 5 stars killer folk album! Sorry Bob I guess Cohen did it much better then you. A classic timeless album that often being ignored by listeners. Not because it's dull cover but is another essentials  rare gem that only can be found on the web, I believed.

Did you know the song Hallelujah Sang by Jeff Buckley originally written by Leonard Cohen. But Jeff did the cover version which was performed by John Cale on the tribute album 'I'm Your Fan'. Nick Cave sang Cohen's - 'Avalanche' in The Bad Seeds album's 'From Her To Eternity'.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mark Mathis free download pre-release EP

<a href="">secret in this town by mark mathis</a>

Thursday, August 20, 2009


A Canadian - American singer-songwriter. He is the son of Folk Singer Loudon Wainwright III & Kate McGarringle, brother of raising singer Martha Wainwright, & half brother of Lucy Wainwright Roche.
Dressed up in a Knight Shining Armor for the front cover of his 3rd complete studio album, he seems to give a transparent metaphor suggesting a bold statement that he meant a serious attention by the listeners & new followers on his Want One album. The genre known as Opera Pop or mostly labeled as Baroque Pop. It's a charming album. It's a sound of a more matured version of Rufus, & so delightful to listen at. As gay it may sounds, Want One delivers the absolute sheer melancholy, & it is an entertaining album that ones noted on. The richness of the operatic instruments & arrangement had fumes this album with an elegant touch. Rufus song writing skilled had blossoms perfectly. You may sense a different approach of presentation by this talented singer, thanks to both his parents who are well versed with lifestyles that fueled with musician & singers.
What I love about this album is, it will make listeners floats with it harmonious rhythm once you play it on your audio system. The classical concept of arrangement had been delivered brilliantly in order to achieve the opera mood effects. That is the sounds & can be considered a Trademark that made him popular among the music fans.
My Phone On Vibrate is my best pick for this album. A slow paced song, but due to the intensity of Rufus unique vocal styling; the tracks was an Elegantly Presented! Simply love it because of it sweet lyrics & originality. A crossover between Elton John + Maxim + Judy Garland + Ludwig Van! I must say Want One does channeled a rare melody that is not easy to be ignored. We seldom get to listen a unique performance such as his.
Although he was not gifted with an angelic voiced, but he will certainly blow a piece of your mind. Armed by his piano & sometimes acoustic guitar, Want One will not harm your cash spending. The sound quality,- overall is splendid! A top notched production indeed, since it is a production by Geffen who used to Lead in record selling with their most famous band Nirvana. Do not turn your back, also due to the catchy tracks included in this album. Most songs is a gem & a Unique one too! The life spans will last longer, thanks to it simple twist of sounds & it's a two thumbs up album from me. Highly Recommended! A brilliant masterpiece that worth a 4/5 Stars rating from moloko. Remember the point listening to the album is Elton John + Maxim + Judy Garland + Ludwig Van! TQ Guys!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dire Straits..revisited

The Best Of Dire Straits And Mark Knopfler: Private Investigations

There are quite of number of "the best of" releases from Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler including highly acquire by many, Sultan of Swing. I've been a fan of Dire Straits since many years but I'm not in favor of Mark Knopfler by himself as a solo artist. The best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler was released in 2005. Mr Knopfler is one of the greatest guitarist as I can remember and he is no less than Eric Clapton. His sound, style of playing is unique and one of a guitarist compares to him in this regard.

These double CDs released, but to tell you the truth that I'm only listen to Disc 1 more often than CD 2 as more of my favorites are on Disc 1. I guess many may have the same opinion or taste like's obvious!. On this compilation all songs has been re-mastered. I have all the Dire Straits's album and mostly in vinyl original released.

On the opening track of Telegraph Road, a distant sound of thundering effect creating very nice soundstage. Then came in the airy guitar plucks, the bouncy and bass strings rumble. one of the best guitar solo can be found in this track.

Sultans of Swing is the track that full of energy from start to finish. Opening snare, drums rolling, catchy guitar strumming, solid bass lines and airy cymbals riding along the song was all mixed but in high end playback system, these instruments separated excellently and you would not realise that you're on air guitar until the track ends. Did you hear Mark Knopfler say bum, bum....

There are few more favorites in this compilations but I enjoyed most was Private Investigations. The music, sound effects creating a story by itself and you can feel the stages of the story..beginning, climax and the ending. The drums in the mid section of the song was really fast, dynamic and taut.

In Money for Nothing, with my Idol singer/musician as a guess artist (Sting) in the opening track and in between songs, it's a must for me to add as favorites....woo hoo!

If you distill the very best of Mark Knopfler's 25+ year career down to 140 minutes, it's amazing how good it all sounds. As it should be, the emphasis is on the Dire Straits hits, but when you pick and choose in his solo output, there are some beautiful tracks there as well. This compilation was released without much fanfare, but I highly recommend it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Essential Listening: 'I Am A Bird Now' By Antony & The Johnsons

The iconic album cover is considered famous photo shots by Peter Hujar entitled Candy Darling on her Deathbed!( A Transsexual diva whose later died of AIDS). A New York based group who finally earned recognition by fans all over the world with Antony Hagerty second album;- 'I AM A Bird Now'. he may have a slight complexity in under standing his own gender, but i must admit he is an out standing singer & song writer. The genre his offering is 'Easy Listening' as what iTunes labeled it. But there's a hidden twist! ones may only noticed when Antony starts singing. Hmm.. You may wondering is it a dude or a chic on vocal here? A shaking vibratos, a lingua cabaret styled voiced, that surely will fill up your late night music lounging routine. The sound arrangement is a grande, classy type of album your looking at here. Most songs written by Antony himself. the songs talks about personal characteristic, self rage or complexity on genders that stunningly delivered in hamorniuos & dramatic kind of way.
Wraps with Antony's minimal piano playing, supported by strings, cello, double bass, violin delivered in orchestral forms & arrangement, this album is a blast! Not to be missed by high end audio owner out there. A delicate, soft & the sound emerge with semi core tunes. A vivid ride that wont let listeners down. Guest appearance from legendary 'The Velvets' ex-front-man; Lou Reed in 'Fist-full Of Love' & by long time comrade @ follower none other than Rufus Wainwright in 'What Can I Do?'. with this outstanding album, no wonder Lou Reed had personally regards Antony as an outstanding new song writer. While Rufus expressing his joy for the achievement that Antony finally received from publics.

The album vaguely won a 'Mercury Prize' award the same year it was launched. A fantastic journey for both Mr. Hagerty & listeners. The album is now vacant for us to enjoy this lovely, dark charming tales of his. Not forgetting this album also offers an analog kind of sound which is awesome, but the total playtime is rather short. My most alluring tracks is 'Bird Gherl' which was featured in the movie ' V For Vendetta' starring Hugo Weaving & Natalie Portman. You may hear the song played in the background during 'V's' performing his final slow danced with the girl before his ending battle with parliament. Highly recommended for everybody. Two thumbs up! a 5/5 stars killer album. A bit of advised here; a bit of 'gayness' wont harm you. One Word; ICONIC!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lovely Bee...Zee Avi

I discovered her music through youtube few months ago and then reading her article in inflight entertainment magazines makes me so enthusiast to find more about her. First of all, she's Malaysian staying in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and was born in Sarawak. She's also the firts female singer signed under Brushfire records (owned by Jack Johnson). I bought the cd from (I'm particular about cd pressing) and got delivered in 10 days time.

This album is really good that you can listen to all the songs without need to use "fwd" button on your remote control. It reminds me of Katie Melua's quality of album which I can just follow the drift till the end of tracks.

Zee voice are so beautiful, classic and yet also new & modern. Almost like Joanna Wang's voice but the texture of Zee's voice is raw, soothing & honest. Zee has an innocent, angelic quality to her voice that is uniquely her own, soulful yet somber Zee strikes just the right resonance in between those two.

As mentioned all the songs are excellent eventhough kantoi Malay song which I found the lyrics a little off in rhyming, but it was ok and fun. I'd prefer the youtube version with full band on kantoi to be featured in the album. Honey Bee with story telling lyrics, haunting voices are just so cool even better if you've seen the video clip (effect) as it connects really well when you listen to it.

On Monte, the guitar works are so good to be true from this young lady with harmonic plucks added to the song. Darlin' it ain't easy was in full band form and the bass line was catchy with nice "running" improvision and I didn't realized that I was foot tapping. Let me in with Zee on piano feels like in a large venue were captured very well with every note decays vanished in the large dark room.

Well, too many too mention in this album and she deserved all the praises but for sure my evening is not going to be with the same girl again. Katie, I'm sorry...I'd love to have Teh Tarik than Chamomile tea for now.


Essential Listening; 'Kind Of Blue' By Miles Davis

To be honest to all dear readers, 'Kind Of Blue' is the 1st jazz album that I ever bought. Being introduced by my ex-housemates to Miles's 'Sketches Of Spain' album. After a few spins I became addicted, longing for more. Suddenly this album captured my attention. A great album for an introduction to Miles Davis. It is still the best selling jazz album of all times. Facts can be retrieves from Colombia's record jazz album sleeve notes. Kind Of Blue may be considered the coolest jazz masterpiece. It is a trend-setter on how jazz album should sound like. With the released of the re-mastered edition album, it sounded perfectly due to the clarity of the treble & it's bass line. This new version also equips with 360' degrees surround sound experienced. The high pitched from Miles's trumpet also has been toned down for a better listening pleasure. Best to be heard on high end audio system. You'll get a feeling of being in a jazz lounge. This album will make you tapping your feet while playing it on air. A timeless value, a sheer work of genius from Miles & friends. Never failed to sound ahead of it's time. It will took some-times before you really get bored playing it on your system. Highly recommended for jazz starters & pro's. A Killer album from Miles Davis. Here's a 5/5 ratings on this one! A must buy album if you want to be in the same league with most of jazz enthusiast! Best to be played while sitting down & updating your blogs or while browsing on the web! TQ

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Essential Readings; 'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas' by Hunter S. Thompson

Lets talk about some other stuff. Books? Why not, here's one hell of reading experienced! Great book should comes with great cover. This one here is a work of true genius & art savant 'Hunter S. Thompson & Ralph Stedman'. Both became legend due to the released of this timeless work. Ralph Stedman was personally picked by Thompson AKA Dr. Gonzo to illustrates for the cover & inner layout. Suprissingly, this collaboration works really well though!
The book was published in the 70's, yet after a decade later it is still relevant & being published along side the vast selection of books to this day. It still a tempt to just grab it from the bookshelves & peeks few words in it before you end up buying it. What make it interesting-lies in it abnormality of books you've been reading before this one gets your attentions. Thompson or they(most critics) called it 'Gonzo' style of writing. What is 'Gonzo'? Dr. Gonzo - as what he came to conclude is 'then, was about getting at the truth, even if it meant technically lying'!
lets forget all the 'bombastic' words, Dr. Gonzo here wrote down his words like a machine gun being fired at Vietnam's War Field! Painful yet entertaining, some weird stuff isn't it.
Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas (A Savage Journey To The Heart Of American Dreams)embarks a tales of the author & his 300-pound attorney(a samoan) driving through the desert heading to Las Vegas. The creepy side of the tales is they are equip with loads, loads of drugs,enough they can supply it to a group of army. Chaos! Mayhem is what is their brained works during this crazy trip. The american dreams both of them went for searching in Las Vegas was done with 90% high headed! I mean, dead Stoned man! So all the perception about Vietnam's War, the turnaround politics, culture the revolutions, America facing during that era is kinda lunatic the way Thompson look at it. All this insanity of this both drug junkies finally creates this brilliant & outrages memoir! In year 2005 Hunter S. Thompson committed suicides. Dr. gonzo shot himself to fame again. Like his younger days, he continues to shocks fan till the end of his life. Dr. Gonzo! We Salute You!!
'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas has been made into a major film, directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Johnny Depp'.

Essential Listening; 'The Downward Spiral' by Nine Inch Nails

One of the coolest album cover I've seen so far since Andy Warhol's 'Banana Sleeve' cover for Velvet Underground album. The album genres is electronica/industrial what most rock mag labelled it. This is a serious album. Strictly not for everybody. Only for mature listening who wants a totally different edge of sounds. It's for those who wants to really test their audio system to a certain limits, now this album is worth getting. 'The Downward Spiral' is sort of roller- coster ride when you played it on air. The album offers a sonic sharp edge electronica beat & it will get really slow & quite, to it's another side of dark mysterious gloomy tunes that worth listening at.
Trent Reznor is the Guru behind this one man band 'Nine Inch Nails @ NIN. My fellow friends this is not NIN debut album. Never the less this is the album that boasted Mr. Reznor to his famed & superstardom. Not only that, this album also put him through self tortured of drug abused & his road to recovery (Reznor Quoted in Mojo Mag July 2009). It's a sound of Reznor entering Hell & back I must say. 'The Downward Spiral' is Reznor interpretations of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' album. it's a progressive kind of album. You can feel the track is connected to one another, from the opening to the end of the album. It's so ahead of it times in various terms, from the sound or even the album graphics & packaging. In my opinion nobody(artist in same genre) has ever come this excellent as Reznor. The sound of the album is excellent! Reznor's drum machine, synth, digital recording & all the instrument featured in this album can be heard clearly especially if you using a noised cancelation ear or headphones. Of coursed, it really sounds superb on your Hi-Fi systems!
Without a doubt it's a' 5 star!!' rating from me. A classics! That one should have & keep it, as one of treasured collection. The best track in the album is 'Hurt', NIN most noticeable song, which also was covered by Johnny Cash in his full acoustic album 'American Recordings iv' produced by 'Rick Rubin'. Another track that should not be missed is 'Closer'. With it explicit lyrics it is another definite killer tunes. NIN-'The Downward Spiral has been on my Ipod listed for the past 4 years & that's a fact! Before I end up this review here's a piece of my advised to all my dear readers out there. Please make a judgement towards an album after playing it few times. Some great tunes won't really shine if we don't buffed it a few times. Here's one good exampled 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd- I bet you guys agreed with me!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Essential Listening; The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions Featuring Seu Jorge

Firstly I would like thank to Mr. Sting for giving me a chance to share some of my interest in various genre of music, film, books or anything related to arts. Today I would like to introduce another rare breed of singer whom is apart of my collection which is really good in what they doing. The saddest part of it you won't find this album easily in a music store. Not to worry, with the power of the internet nothing is impossible. There's always a way to buy it online with a hell of a good price!
Seu Jorge's Studio sessions is actually a partial soundtrack album from the movie
'The Life Aquatic' directed by Wes Anderson (Darjeeling limited). In this film Sue Jorge was a part of the cast-acted as one of Zissou's team members. he don't have a lot of lines, but every end chapter of the movie he will sang a short tunes before entering the next plot. Armed with only an acoustic guitar & gutsy voiced Sue strumming,plucking and picking his way through beautifully. The album is a cover album that featured most of David Bowie best song from his Ziggy Stardust Era(Glam Rock in the 70's). Yes it's a cover album, but all bowie's songs was sang by Sue in Portuguese, since he is a brazilian born singer & actor. the end result, a copy that sounded so original & it listening to bowie's tunes will never be the same again. what is so catchy about Sue's voice, is it filled with emotions. he really let the his gutsy vocal out. If you listen to Bowie's his more carefully singing the tunes and holding his pitching, & only let it out at a certain peak of the song.
Track Listing:-
  1. Rebel Rebel
  2. Life On Mars
  3. O Astronauta De Marmore
  4. Ziggy Stardust
  5. Lady Stardust
  6. Changes
  7. Oh! You Pretty Things
  8. Rock N' Roll Suicide
  9. Suffragatte City
  10. Five Years
  11. Queen Bitch
  12. When I Live My Dream
  13. Quicksand
  14. Team Zissou
What make this album so great is Seu succesfully makes it sounds so fresh like a brand new song written in this decade. 'Life Aquatic' made me went to the music store and starts collecting somes Bowie's early & later works after spinning 'Life Aquatic' on stereo for days. My killer track will be Rock N' Roll Suicide, Ziggy Stardust, Lady Stardust, When I Live My Dream & Five Years. As I wrote earlier it filled with emotions,which is good for an album that don't speaks the universal language. The production is great since it is a studio album & a partial OST for a film with an inmese B
budgets. The sound of the acoustic guitar is so clear even you played it using an Ipod or a decent systems (example micro Hi-Fi or standard car audio. The album is so minimal,with just a guitar & Seu's voice, yet it still sounded like a live sessions with a top notch recording. Highly recommended for individual whose into acoustic vibe such as Dylan, Cash, or Gypsy Kings. Best to be played early in the morning on the weekend when you just about to started your beautiful day or during a coffee & tea sessions with friends or family. An absolute 'Starbucks' atmosphere. It's a 4/5 star rating for Seu Jorge; Life Aquatic Studio Sessions. before i end up my reviews here's a piece of remark of David Bowie remark towards this album that was printed inside the album sleeve cover
"Had Seu Jorge not recorded my songs acoustically in Portuguese, i would never have heard this new level of beauty which has imbued them with'
-David Bowie-

Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome Moloko...

Moloko is a new contributor in life is a journey blog. He is friend of mine which has a great taste of music and movies!. So, watch out for movie review as well in the future but I believe he's more keen on yesteryears music...I mean real music.

Welcome my friend!

Essential Listening; 'G R A C E' by Jeff Buckley

'Grace' the album is the first and the last complete studio album from Jeff Buckley. He is one of my personal favorite singer (a kind of hero), songwriter, musician, artist that i truly admired. Grace the album was a creation of excessive training, jamming and performing in pubs & clubs in New York City, which what Jeff did before he end up in a small cozy placed called Sin-e. It is here Jeff began to create his own sound and style. The year was 1993 when the album 'Grace' was made. It's a year of grunge explosion or i may call it a year of Nirvana. Most everybody at that time teens or adult are hooked to the sound of Kurt Cobain. Meanwhile, this rising star had just finish this album that he wanted to sound like Jeff Buckley himself. it's not a grunge album nor a rock album, but it does fell into alternative genre. I can agree with that, but not forgetting it does carry the one & only trademark of Jeff Buckley. It has this balanced of joy and a hidden sadness from the track list of this album. 'Grace has it riff and mellow that just balanced enough in creating a great album such as this.
'GRACE' Track List:
  1. Mojo Pin
  2. G r a ce
  3. Last Goodbye
  4. Lilac Wine
  5. So Real
  6. Hal lel uja h
  7. Lover, You Should Come Over
  8. Corpus Christi Carol
  9. Eternal Life
  10. Dream Brother
  11. Forget Her
The opening track of the album will give listener a catchy promising that this album will sound great. Mojo Pin starts with Jeff hymn from the background before bursting with this number. The song that really shakes & showed an edgier side of Jeff is the killer song's 'Grace', Mojo Pin, Dream Brother & Eternal Life, But the true gem here is, 'Grace' itself. The way this song was written by Jeff himself is kinda' a Dee ja vu. Jeff seems to know that he might not live long enough to glorify his success. Grace talks about ones who is felt of dying & not worrying it, he bravely saying goodbye to the closest friends, praising god & welcoming him to come & take him back gracefully. Believe it or not, dear friend this metaphor did really happened to our dear Jeff whereby he was drowned in Mississippi-river on may 29 1997 & his body was only to be found on June 4, 1997. He was at his peak and a legend in-make. Sadly it never happened, but with all this mainstreams and loyal fan that kept him alive in his music until today.
Now the true killer songs on this album lies in the melancholy tunes such as Lover, you should come over, So Real, Forget Her, Corpus Christi Carol,and a Leonard Cohen cover Hallelujah, & the not so melancholy 'Last Goodbye'. The song was featured in Cameron Crowe's Version of ' Vanilla Sky' starred by Tom Cruise & Penelope Cruz. Every time when i listened to 'Last Goodbye' it sort of bringing this joyful feeling, but this song is actually talks about biting farewell to your loves ones. the strength of the album is a result from Jeff Unique voices & his ability as a guitar player. His voices is really one of a kind & can be mimic easily. hearing his voice sometimes make me wonder this is a voice of angel & because of that god wont let him stay long with us because we might be astonished by him so much. You will not get bored with his style of singing caused his a great singer gifted with this tremendous voice. The lyrics and the tunes floats so well that you don't realized that after first times listening to the album that you already reach the last number on the album.

My personal favorite will be Hall elu jah, Last Goodbye, Lover,you should come Over, Grace and Lilac Wine. The song was also sang by Katie Melua in her debut album. Grace truly deserved a 5 star classics rating from me after repeats listening. Its an album that ones won't really get tired playing it on a stereo system on and on, & that i promised you.
Jeff Buckley band actually supported by Mick Grondahl; Bass, Matt Johnson; Drums And Micheal Tighe; Guitar. The sound quality of this album is superb. another product Form Sony Colombia Records. It's also comes with interactive track tittle notification. 'Grace' was produced, engineered & mix by Andy Wallace and Jeff himself wants this album to be absolute perfect & in my personal point of view, he just did it in his on way. The album sound rich and when start to kicking with harder tunes it strength just right to rock listener without letting you to turn down a volume a little bit when it get really louder on a certain track. It is worth men's every penny to buy this album without considering what er you a blues man or a jazz man or a rockers, it just sheer beauty that everyone should listen &enjoy to this masterpiece created by this hero of mine 'Jeff Buckley'.
5 stars!!! Sheer Beauty with evergreen Quality! Magnifique & Astounding! Ladies & Gentlemen now go & grab yourselves one of this. Highly Recommended for everybody!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


No, it's not about the acoustic version of I'll be or I couldn't ask for more, the hit songs of the album. This is one of my favorite pop rock album that produces high degree of musicality of a composer and a singer. Great recording with thundering drumming and bass lines. Edwin McCain is not a bassist, he's a singer and his heavy/husky voice are just great. Messenger was his 3rd released album (1999). For me the highlight of this album beside McCain's voice is every bass notes and sounds played by Scott Bannevich. His bass sound really clean, well resonates and these is how should a bass sound in a song. His bass lines was outstanding, solid and strong, keep the song's groove with a bit naughty improvisation.

In sign on the door, the opening drumming follow by Mr Bannevich's 5 strings bass was very prominent. Every low notes was audible with great clarity and this will put your speakers to a real test of producing quality low notes.

This album is great for an introduction to Edwin McCain's music and by far the best by Mr. McCain.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toys update

Front end

Esoteric transport with Victor Laboratory K2 DAC (those XRCD tech)
Sony BDP-S1E - bluray

Usher BE-718 Berylium by you.

Usher BE-718 Beryllium with dedicated stands

Clearaudio Champion by you.

Clearaudio Champion with Micheal Techo arm's weight/RB250
/Audio Technica OC9ML. I've got this for quite long time but it
doesn't featured in recent review.

room by you.

Listening area & some room tweaks with 46inches Hi-def Bravia

room1 by you.

With drapes for listening session...Note the anti cable speaker cables