Thursday, January 22, 2009

first world infrastructure with third world mentality/attitude...

Due to my nature of job, I'm glad that I can see the world by different view and give me an idea in lots of things. I can compare the attitude of people by various countries that I've been. Some have very unique and interesting cultures, not to forget about racism. But here the utmost important for me is how to improve on our side base on "good" values that we always proud as a Malaysian.

We can have the best, the tallest in the world here in Malaysia but when we don't have the right attitude, there is nothing to be proud off. Peoples are watching, tourists are comparing but we just don't even bother to learn and improve...or is it just being ignorant?

I used to take an ERL from KLIA back to my area as and when I need to get home fast. The trains are good and the service rendered by the staffs are not bad at all with friendly smiling faces at the ticket counter. I am kind of proud to have such transportation system in our country even though the speed of the trains could be stepped up to match the "high speed train" that has been quoted every where (airport announcement or from the advertisement). Not so high tech train in Sweden travels at 200kmh and that's a minimum for me to call a high speed train.

The point that I wanted to highlight is when I'm about to disembark from the train. Every time and every single of my trip, I'll be mad with those people who are about to board the train. Those people are selfish and inconsiderate, they stand right in front of your nose before you even make your way out!. With luggage or roller bag, it's kind of hard to make your way as they creates like a human wall in front of you prohibits from exit.

Why they don't let disembarking passenger out then only board the train?. Definitely they're fighting for the seats...too bad and to let disembarking passengers out first is the "rules" or etiquette in every transportation services in the world. If not, take an early train and don't make others suffer..why don't they queue at the specific point as they know wheres the train gonna be stopped.

I've made a suggestion to the station's manager on how to improve the service and leave my number for him to call me back, but business as usual..they never call you back and that is the standard of Malaysian way of handling customers.

Below is the footage taken in Taipei and compare them with our Malaysians...


  1. That's ERL but the worst are KTM and LRT where some of them didn't really bother about giving the seats to old folks, pregnant women or children...

  2. agree...there are also people who really an ass hole that put their goods or bags on the seat beside them.