Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jew or Zionist are all the same....

Israel Defense Force (IDF) made a press statement about hundreds of Hamas fighters has been killed in the fiercest fighting. But they never show in the news as evident and if IDF really killed hundreds of Hamas, surely the footage will be aired to the whole world and ask for support of their incursion into Gaza. IF the report is true, the number of civilians casualties doesn't justify their action, period!.

All they can say "this is war" and 1/3 who died are children.

Why did Hamas firing the rockets into Israel?, because they don't have the ultimate freedom and still being control by the Jewish state. The tunnels that Hamas build not solely to smuggle weapons but live stocks, medicines and foods!. To settle all these issues we have to look back at the core or roots of this problem. You've got to know the history....

Those day the Jewish people were not even care about the "promised land" and after the holocaust by the Nazis during WWII they make a return. All was based on their believe/Torah /Tanakh/Talmud, you name it and they came as war refuges. They were located in high security camp managed by the British and started to make chaos by killing few British army officers. August 1, 1948 the British mandate of Palestine (1920) was terminated by UN (resolution 181) in order for the formation of 2 states of Arabs/Jewish and slowly they grant their "right" after British left.
The approximate borders of the British Mandate circa 1922. In September 1922 Britain organized the territory east of the Jordan river, "Transjordan," as an autonomous state.

Below is the UN partition plan for Palestine in 1947

File:UN Partition Plan For Palestine 1947.png

and look at the map below, compare then & now...

They wanted Jerusalem so bad and few others strategic areas. click here and you can see what are the Zionist think about Palestine. This is an Israelis travel agency site which promote tourism in Israel and it shows everything about their vision. To them Palestine is never exist and by producing such a map it will educates new generations or people who doesn't know about the history and Indirectly rewritten the history...

Imagine this, you give small portion of your land for them to live and years later you are the one who have to get out from the land and fighting for your rights. This is almost the same history as Andalucia (now Spain). Would it be alright if the Muslims taking back Andalucia solely base on Islamic history & believe?..."you'll cry if you know the whole story of Andalucia".

That is a small part of history on how Jewish came into Palestinian's land.

Jewish/Zionist for me are the same. A person who extend right hand for a "friendship" and throw a punch from a left more careful of the right hand.

Alas, many fooled by them.