Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mamak restaurant part 2...

Last Sunday 22/02/09 I was in Amcorp mall, PJ as to find some used cds and vinyls. It was 10.30am and I decided to have my breakfast at mamak restaurant at the lower ground floor.

First thing that really pissed me off when people smoking like nobody business in the restaurant....arghh stupid is stupid does.

Then came a lesbian couple with the "guy" trying to show her authority as a "gentleman" towards her partner. She called the waiter with very rude manner, whistle and snapping fingers and shouting for a menu with condescending attitude....perhaps more than a man!. I can see the waiter a little uneasy with the kind of attitude but humorously respond to the gesture as to calm himself down.

If you read my post on 12/01/09, this is the follow up version of human behaviour. After a while, roti telur (an uprated version of roti kosong) was served to them. No need to eloborate more if you read the first version.....

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