Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Respect should be earned, not demand...

I have quite numbers of experience working with big companies, such as bank, few telecommunications companies etc. The working environment with big or well developed company are more professional and conducive than to compare with few others.

All begins with attitude at work or respect as an individuals which in my point of view are lacking in almost everywhere. I have always remember when I was being wished "good morning" from the CEO's of the company while I'm just an executive way back in the mid 90's. In fact, he even wishes the tea lady or cleaners and mind you he is our local but from big international telecommunication company.

The current job that I have now has slightly different approach in wishing, greeting or introduction (introduce yourself with a handshake) for that matter especially for the seniors or leaders above you. They will ignore as if you are invisible or will be sarcastic when ever the conversation or saying "hi" is not good enough, an introduction is a MUST! and as formality on every "meeting" even though you've met them before. The worst part whenever the leaders came into the room later than the rest, they will just take their seat without the introduction and indirectly they demand everybody to come and introduce to them. Since introduction are so important to them and can creates lots of unnecessary problems, why can't they make a start in this situation?. But again, time has changed and things getting better as new generation with open minded or broad thinking people came in. There is still an older generation with kind and great attitude as a colleagues or leaders,... from the bottom of my heart, I salute them.

I have a friend (not in the same company though) who have a very typical kind of thinking about courtesy or respect. To her, once you're in higher position, anyone below you should start with all those wishes, greetings or introductions as to follow the hierarchy. To me, we should show respect to person below us in order to gain trust or respect in return. It's easy to become a leader and everyone can fill the position with experiences in job and get promoted. But to be a good leader, it is the hardest task.

We should respect everybody as a human being who has feelings and we are no better other than the job specs that we have. They maybe our subordinates, but still we have to practice a little courtesy whenever communicate with them. Some are fathers, mothers or someone older than you who has more experience in life. To complete a task and to gain respect/trust are every leaders must have attitude or quality.

In army or any other forces, yes...... We respect the rank not the man.

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