Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beautiful face = beautiful voice?

Yes indeed, Georgian born singer Katie Melua has it all. Her third album pictures (Dramatico 2007) is her another successful released as a singer, song writer and as a musician. This album has quality of one button does it all, means just press "play" and follow the drifts till the end of the album. A very listenable album in arranging, composing and recording quality and the list of musicians are all great. Being familiar with her second album Piece by Piece which features Nine million bicycles and just like heaven, I just grab this cd without second thought while in London late last year. A little late since it was released in Oct 2007.

PicturesReleased October 1st 2007.
1. Mary Pickford (Used To Eat Roses)
2. All In My Head
3. If The Lights Go Out
4. What I Miss About You
5. Spellbound
6. What It Says On The Tin
7. Scary Films
8. Perfect Circle
9. Ghost Town
10. If You Were A Sailboat
11. Dirty Dice
12. In My Secret Life

A very brief info about this album which I think not really necessary, for once you'll forget the hifi/music review's jargon. What I like most are the sweetest vocals on track four with distance drums set back in the studio. Track 7 has mild a touch blues/rock, which in my opinion a refreshing and added variety to this new album. Track 8, reggae/brass beat that can attest your system ability in producing kick drum's sound, not just bass but real "kick bass". Track 10, with deep meaningful lyrics I wish she's my lover, I can't get those words and emotional out of my dreaming!.

Overall this album has great sense of space into the recording and the bass/drums has bouncy and organic quality to it. Her voice has matured and is more assured, lyrics that has "story telling" feelings delivered with dulcet tone of voices are just so GOOD!. This album deserves all the praises musically and replaces my chamomile blend tea for a calming effect on every evening.

Katie, I'm in love....

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