Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rock Swings anyone?...

Paul Anka?, yes! and this album was released in Jun 2005. It was recorded at Capitol Studio "A" with live big band recording, awesome!. I can really feel the sense of being in front of the performers. The ambiance of the venue was greatly captured into the recording and I feel like conducting the band. Paul Anka's unmistakeable voice takes on some of the greatest songs giving new and original interpretations to it.

Full tracks listing as follows:

It's my life
Eye of the tiger
Everybody hurts
Black hole sun
It's a sin
Smells like teen spirit
Eyes without a face
The Lovecats
The way you make me feel
Tears in heaven

The opening track of it's my life with catchy drum beats can really reveals the quality of the recording. The trombones and trumpets at the right side with Sax (Alto/Tenor) on the left side can be greatly defined. My favorite track is Jump originally by Van Halen, I can't stop foot tapping till the song ends. Total contrast on Everybody hurts, Paul Anka's voices are so soothing, and relax with finest clarity of resonance.

Rock Swings
On Black hole sun, the new arrangement was beautifully executed and as a whole of this album I can now really understand or comprehend the lyrics.

This is great recording, brilliantly performed, and Anka sings & swings his heart out. Sonically amazing, musically impeccable, vocally superb, this album swings hard from start to finish. He deserves these accolades...


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