Monday, April 20, 2009

Starkers: unclothed; undressed; naked; in puris naturalibus

Starkers in Tokyo by David Coverdale & Adrian Vandenberg (Whitesnake) are truly remarkable intimate session by both musicians and suits the title of the album. They were no drums, keyboards..nothing!. Just one singer, one guitar and this is the REAL unplugged of any version.

It was recorded at EMI-Toshiba in Tokyo (1997) in front of very few lucky peoples in commemorative of their 20th year in music industry.

Coverdale's English accent communicate with audiences in between songs were "polite" with full of resonance. In opening track Sailing Ships you will and already feels the sense of being in front of them. I've listen to this cd before at guru's system as I mentioned in "stereotype audiophiles" notes and I liked them. In my system the ambiance are greatly captured with vocal / guitar reverberation.

Coverdale's voice is still the same and I think he's still great as to perform acoustically with bare or minimum instruments are a real challenge.... and he did excellently. Vandenberg, the 80's rock guitar virtuoso played peacefully with graceful doubt about that. The guitar image was "pictured" as life size, the strings and body of the guitar resonates and projected in realistic manner. The air or space between strings are very well and clearly defined and this what I call less is more. I can truly enjoy this session as if I was there...

The last three songs are the most I enjoyed..Is this Love, Here I Go Again and Soldier of Fortune. Great guitar works on Is this love with soft strings harmonic in the end of song and Soldier of fortune was delivered flawlessly.

Dim your lights and you are there...

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