Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toys update

Front end

Esoteric transport with Victor Laboratory K2 DAC (those XRCD tech)
Sony BDP-S1E - bluray

Usher BE-718 Berylium by you.

Usher BE-718 Beryllium with dedicated stands

Clearaudio Champion by you.

Clearaudio Champion with Micheal Techo arm's weight/RB250
/Audio Technica OC9ML. I've got this for quite long time but it
doesn't featured in recent review.

room by you.

Listening area & some room tweaks with 46inches Hi-def Bravia

room1 by you.

With drapes for listening session...Note the anti cable speaker cables


  1. To my home theatre guru, Wan aka Sting (not the English man in New York)

    I remembered it was back in 1994 at Mobikom when you "poisoned" my mind with your Samsung LDP, Celestion surround processor and Mordaunt-Short speakers. I'm glad you did, bro. Since then, my life has changed and my perception towards music and movies changed drastically and became more exciting.
    I'm very proud to see that you champion the stereo hi-fidelity cool factor while I stand by the surround assault & barrage.
    Recently, dear readers, I brought home a 46-inch Sony Bravia KLV-46Z450 with the industry's first Motionflow 200Hz and it's all because of Sting's professional advice. My next step is to replace the 6 years-old 6.1 Yamaha DD-EX/DTS-ES HTiB system and go all out for a proper 7.1 or 7.2 receiver if my budget permits it.
    So Sting, thanks for all the advice and friendship. Keep in touch and hope to see you soon.
    Lan "bye"

  2. too bad, i just saw the clearaudio champion being sold in hifi4sale last year. Btw, nice blog bro.