Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Essential Readings; 'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas' by Hunter S. Thompson

Lets talk about some other stuff. Books? Why not, here's one hell of reading experienced! Great book should comes with great cover. This one here is a work of true genius & art savant 'Hunter S. Thompson & Ralph Stedman'. Both became legend due to the released of this timeless work. Ralph Stedman was personally picked by Thompson AKA Dr. Gonzo to illustrates for the cover & inner layout. Suprissingly, this collaboration works really well though!
The book was published in the 70's, yet after a decade later it is still relevant & being published along side the vast selection of books to this day. It still a tempt to just grab it from the bookshelves & peeks few words in it before you end up buying it. What make it interesting-lies in it abnormality of books you've been reading before this one gets your attentions. Thompson or they(most critics) called it 'Gonzo' style of writing. What is 'Gonzo'? Dr. Gonzo - as what he came to conclude is 'then, was about getting at the truth, even if it meant technically lying'!
lets forget all the 'bombastic' words, Dr. Gonzo here wrote down his words like a machine gun being fired at Vietnam's War Field! Painful yet entertaining, some weird stuff isn't it.
Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas (A Savage Journey To The Heart Of American Dreams)embarks a tales of the author & his 300-pound attorney(a samoan) driving through the desert heading to Las Vegas. The creepy side of the tales is they are equip with loads, loads of drugs,enough they can supply it to a group of army. Chaos! Mayhem is what is their brained works during this crazy trip. The american dreams both of them went for searching in Las Vegas was done with 90% high headed! I mean, dead Stoned man! So all the perception about Vietnam's War, the turnaround politics, culture the revolutions, America facing during that era is kinda lunatic the way Thompson look at it. All this insanity of this both drug junkies finally creates this brilliant & outrages memoir! In year 2005 Hunter S. Thompson committed suicides. Dr. gonzo shot himself to fame again. Like his younger days, he continues to shocks fan till the end of his life. Dr. Gonzo! We Salute You!!
'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas has been made into a major film, directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Johnny Depp'.

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