Tuesday, June 9, 2009


No, it's not about the acoustic version of I'll be or I couldn't ask for more, the hit songs of the album. This is one of my favorite pop rock album that produces high degree of musicality of a composer and a singer. Great recording with thundering drumming and bass lines. Edwin McCain is not a bassist, he's a singer and his heavy/husky voice are just great. Messenger was his 3rd released album (1999). For me the highlight of this album beside McCain's voice is every bass notes and sounds played by Scott Bannevich. His bass sound really clean, well resonates and these is how should a bass sound in a song. His bass lines was outstanding, solid and strong, keep the song's groove with a bit naughty improvisation.

In sign on the door, the opening drumming follow by Mr Bannevich's 5 strings bass was very prominent. Every low notes was audible with great clarity and this will put your speakers to a real test of producing quality low notes.

This album is great for an introduction to Edwin McCain's music and by far the best by Mr. McCain.