Monday, July 13, 2009

Essential Listening: 'I Am A Bird Now' By Antony & The Johnsons

The iconic album cover is considered famous photo shots by Peter Hujar entitled Candy Darling on her Deathbed!( A Transsexual diva whose later died of AIDS). A New York based group who finally earned recognition by fans all over the world with Antony Hagerty second album;- 'I AM A Bird Now'. he may have a slight complexity in under standing his own gender, but i must admit he is an out standing singer & song writer. The genre his offering is 'Easy Listening' as what iTunes labeled it. But there's a hidden twist! ones may only noticed when Antony starts singing. Hmm.. You may wondering is it a dude or a chic on vocal here? A shaking vibratos, a lingua cabaret styled voiced, that surely will fill up your late night music lounging routine. The sound arrangement is a grande, classy type of album your looking at here. Most songs written by Antony himself. the songs talks about personal characteristic, self rage or complexity on genders that stunningly delivered in hamorniuos & dramatic kind of way.
Wraps with Antony's minimal piano playing, supported by strings, cello, double bass, violin delivered in orchestral forms & arrangement, this album is a blast! Not to be missed by high end audio owner out there. A delicate, soft & the sound emerge with semi core tunes. A vivid ride that wont let listeners down. Guest appearance from legendary 'The Velvets' ex-front-man; Lou Reed in 'Fist-full Of Love' & by long time comrade @ follower none other than Rufus Wainwright in 'What Can I Do?'. with this outstanding album, no wonder Lou Reed had personally regards Antony as an outstanding new song writer. While Rufus expressing his joy for the achievement that Antony finally received from publics.

The album vaguely won a 'Mercury Prize' award the same year it was launched. A fantastic journey for both Mr. Hagerty & listeners. The album is now vacant for us to enjoy this lovely, dark charming tales of his. Not forgetting this album also offers an analog kind of sound which is awesome, but the total playtime is rather short. My most alluring tracks is 'Bird Gherl' which was featured in the movie ' V For Vendetta' starring Hugo Weaving & Natalie Portman. You may hear the song played in the background during 'V's' performing his final slow danced with the girl before his ending battle with parliament. Highly recommended for everybody. Two thumbs up! a 5/5 stars killer album. A bit of advised here; a bit of 'gayness' wont harm you. One Word; ICONIC!


  1. This is one cool album but the follow up album was a little off. Angelic voice...err..wounded angel but it was truly captivating.

  2. If You dig this album than try check out 'Want One' by Rufus Wainwright.

  3. Actually Lou Reed kinda discovered and recognized Antony's talent. Listen to Reed's Animal Serenade where Antony did a wonderful rendition of Candy Says.

  4. Also a guest appearance by Antony in Lou Reed's album The Raven!