Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Essential Listening; 'Kind Of Blue' By Miles Davis

To be honest to all dear readers, 'Kind Of Blue' is the 1st jazz album that I ever bought. Being introduced by my ex-housemates to Miles's 'Sketches Of Spain' album. After a few spins I became addicted, longing for more. Suddenly this album captured my attention. A great album for an introduction to Miles Davis. It is still the best selling jazz album of all times. Facts can be retrieves from Colombia's record jazz album sleeve notes. Kind Of Blue may be considered the coolest jazz masterpiece. It is a trend-setter on how jazz album should sound like. With the released of the re-mastered edition album, it sounded perfectly due to the clarity of the treble & it's bass line. This new version also equips with 360' degrees surround sound experienced. The high pitched from Miles's trumpet also has been toned down for a better listening pleasure. Best to be heard on high end audio system. You'll get a feeling of being in a jazz lounge. This album will make you tapping your feet while playing it on air. A timeless value, a sheer work of genius from Miles & friends. Never failed to sound ahead of it's time. It will took some-times before you really get bored playing it on your system. Highly recommended for jazz starters & pro's. A Killer album from Miles Davis. Here's a 5/5 ratings on this one! A must buy album if you want to be in the same league with most of jazz enthusiast! Best to be played while sitting down & updating your blogs or while browsing on the web! TQ

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