Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lovely Bee...Zee Avi

I discovered her music through youtube few months ago and then reading her article in inflight entertainment magazines makes me so enthusiast to find more about her. First of all, she's Malaysian staying in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and was born in Sarawak. She's also the firts female singer signed under Brushfire records (owned by Jack Johnson). I bought the cd from (I'm particular about cd pressing) and got delivered in 10 days time.

This album is really good that you can listen to all the songs without need to use "fwd" button on your remote control. It reminds me of Katie Melua's quality of album which I can just follow the drift till the end of tracks.

Zee voice are so beautiful, classic and yet also new & modern. Almost like Joanna Wang's voice but the texture of Zee's voice is raw, soothing & honest. Zee has an innocent, angelic quality to her voice that is uniquely her own, soulful yet somber Zee strikes just the right resonance in between those two.

As mentioned all the songs are excellent eventhough kantoi Malay song which I found the lyrics a little off in rhyming, but it was ok and fun. I'd prefer the youtube version with full band on kantoi to be featured in the album. Honey Bee with story telling lyrics, haunting voices are just so cool even better if you've seen the video clip (effect) as it connects really well when you listen to it.

On Monte, the guitar works are so good to be true from this young lady with harmonic plucks added to the song. Darlin' it ain't easy was in full band form and the bass line was catchy with nice "running" improvision and I didn't realized that I was foot tapping. Let me in with Zee on piano feels like in a large venue were captured very well with every note decays vanished in the large dark room.

Well, too many too mention in this album and she deserved all the praises but for sure my evening is not going to be with the same girl again. Katie, I'm sorry...I'd love to have Teh Tarik than Chamomile tea for now.



  1. Heard an interviews between her & the dj's on the radio yesterday! She's sounded so American! But i guess she got a bright light in front of her! Go get it girl!

  2. Zee Avi's cd now available at most of music stores in kl selling at $34.90 it sure worth a catch! Now we can finally get more of her ukelele & charm voice on our car audio. Rock Corner Subang Parade- Ask for store mngr Viswa, another 10 % of on any cd's!