Thursday, August 20, 2009


A Canadian - American singer-songwriter. He is the son of Folk Singer Loudon Wainwright III & Kate McGarringle, brother of raising singer Martha Wainwright, & half brother of Lucy Wainwright Roche.
Dressed up in a Knight Shining Armor for the front cover of his 3rd complete studio album, he seems to give a transparent metaphor suggesting a bold statement that he meant a serious attention by the listeners & new followers on his Want One album. The genre known as Opera Pop or mostly labeled as Baroque Pop. It's a charming album. It's a sound of a more matured version of Rufus, & so delightful to listen at. As gay it may sounds, Want One delivers the absolute sheer melancholy, & it is an entertaining album that ones noted on. The richness of the operatic instruments & arrangement had fumes this album with an elegant touch. Rufus song writing skilled had blossoms perfectly. You may sense a different approach of presentation by this talented singer, thanks to both his parents who are well versed with lifestyles that fueled with musician & singers.
What I love about this album is, it will make listeners floats with it harmonious rhythm once you play it on your audio system. The classical concept of arrangement had been delivered brilliantly in order to achieve the opera mood effects. That is the sounds & can be considered a Trademark that made him popular among the music fans.
My Phone On Vibrate is my best pick for this album. A slow paced song, but due to the intensity of Rufus unique vocal styling; the tracks was an Elegantly Presented! Simply love it because of it sweet lyrics & originality. A crossover between Elton John + Maxim + Judy Garland + Ludwig Van! I must say Want One does channeled a rare melody that is not easy to be ignored. We seldom get to listen a unique performance such as his.
Although he was not gifted with an angelic voiced, but he will certainly blow a piece of your mind. Armed by his piano & sometimes acoustic guitar, Want One will not harm your cash spending. The sound quality,- overall is splendid! A top notched production indeed, since it is a production by Geffen who used to Lead in record selling with their most famous band Nirvana. Do not turn your back, also due to the catchy tracks included in this album. Most songs is a gem & a Unique one too! The life spans will last longer, thanks to it simple twist of sounds & it's a two thumbs up album from me. Highly Recommended! A brilliant masterpiece that worth a 4/5 Stars rating from moloko. Remember the point listening to the album is Elton John + Maxim + Judy Garland + Ludwig Van! TQ Guys!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dire Straits..revisited

The Best Of Dire Straits And Mark Knopfler: Private Investigations

There are quite of number of "the best of" releases from Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler including highly acquire by many, Sultan of Swing. I've been a fan of Dire Straits since many years but I'm not in favor of Mark Knopfler by himself as a solo artist. The best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler was released in 2005. Mr Knopfler is one of the greatest guitarist as I can remember and he is no less than Eric Clapton. His sound, style of playing is unique and one of a guitarist compares to him in this regard.

These double CDs released, but to tell you the truth that I'm only listen to Disc 1 more often than CD 2 as more of my favorites are on Disc 1. I guess many may have the same opinion or taste like's obvious!. On this compilation all songs has been re-mastered. I have all the Dire Straits's album and mostly in vinyl original released.

On the opening track of Telegraph Road, a distant sound of thundering effect creating very nice soundstage. Then came in the airy guitar plucks, the bouncy and bass strings rumble. one of the best guitar solo can be found in this track.

Sultans of Swing is the track that full of energy from start to finish. Opening snare, drums rolling, catchy guitar strumming, solid bass lines and airy cymbals riding along the song was all mixed but in high end playback system, these instruments separated excellently and you would not realise that you're on air guitar until the track ends. Did you hear Mark Knopfler say bum, bum....

There are few more favorites in this compilations but I enjoyed most was Private Investigations. The music, sound effects creating a story by itself and you can feel the stages of the story..beginning, climax and the ending. The drums in the mid section of the song was really fast, dynamic and taut.

In Money for Nothing, with my Idol singer/musician as a guess artist (Sting) in the opening track and in between songs, it's a must for me to add as favorites....woo hoo!

If you distill the very best of Mark Knopfler's 25+ year career down to 140 minutes, it's amazing how good it all sounds. As it should be, the emphasis is on the Dire Straits hits, but when you pick and choose in his solo output, there are some beautiful tracks there as well. This compilation was released without much fanfare, but I highly recommend it!