Sunday, September 13, 2009


Leonard Cohen, a talented poet, his an artist, author, a singer, song writer & also a musician. Leonard Cohen is totally the opposite side of Dylan, if ones wanted to compared this both singer. The diversity between this two is absolutely  the depth of the topic or massages that can be found in both of their songs.

Now, what made me to become one of Cohen's fan, lies on Cohen's masculinity voiced. Deep & captivating. In this album for example, in my POV was remarkably performed only by an acoustic guitar & chimes along side Cohen's poetical, spiritual, cosmic & soulful lyrics. I admired him, because he don't sang stupid worship songs about getting high, but he sang things that reflects our life, & that is serious sh*t!

MINIMAL! Yes it's another simple product that seems to grab my sense of interest. I find it, the simplicity of the whole album is so truthful & it seems a great amount of effort had been poured by the singer to album are more visible. When it's minimal, - The vocal & the instrument is a vital exposure that need to be executed at the best shape in order to avoid any detection of weaknesses  from the album. That is my personal POV, some may have different idea, isn't it?

This album had been released for  ages ago. It doesn't equips with what we defined as the -  'State Of Art' sound system or any equipment or systems that reflects this album sound quality, but guys this album have it own Charmed! Trust me on this. As an acoustic album, it will certainly sounds pretty darn good on an average audio system & through your factory stocks iPod speakers. For those who had spend the immense amount upgrading their Super Audio System, Then it's fair they will enjoy every strums, plucks, &  Cohen's dried baritone voiced. You'll be moved by this album calmness & it's melancholic tracks. I normally play this album-while cruising on an empty highway in the middle of the night. Play it at a decent volume & focus!

I'll give a whopping 5 stars killer folk album! Sorry Bob I guess Cohen did it much better then you. A classic timeless album that often being ignored by listeners. Not because it's dull cover but is another essentials  rare gem that only can be found on the web, I believed.

Did you know the song Hallelujah Sang by Jeff Buckley originally written by Leonard Cohen. But Jeff did the cover version which was performed by John Cale on the tribute album 'I'm Your Fan'. Nick Cave sang Cohen's - 'Avalanche' in The Bad Seeds album's 'From Her To Eternity'.

Monday, September 7, 2009

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