Friday, October 9, 2009


A collaboration album. It's a serious project between the great late country folk legend, - Johnny Cash & the founder of Def-Jam Records, who are also a big boss of American Recordings Music Company. The Guru Ichi's similar look, with the earth & sky unsimilarity kind of personality. He is none other than music producer Rick Rubin.

This album is one of the series of American Recordings. It's a series of covers, did by Cash before his permanent departures. Simply a strip, minimal, elegant acoustic album that revamp his career. American Recordings IV, consist a carefully selected tracks, by Cash himself, whereby he concluded that the numbers chosen are mostly, he believed as a great work of song writing.

Profoundly, expressing a deep, dark aging masculine voiced to songs such as NIN's Hurt, Depache Mode's Personal Jesus & reinventing his lost buried song's Gives My Love To Rose, Cash proves, he still have a lot more left in him. Ones should be moved, by this startlely haunting album.

The album, although a result of Country Folk Acoustic, but it shouldn't be waived by the grungers, rockers, nor the younger listeners, since it's a great influancetual album that worth referring at. The arrangement is simple, yet the sounding of this album is a sheer production of a high end quality. It will resonate incredibly cool through your audio system & your iPod as well.

the cover songs may varies, ranging from essential tracks ditched from Sting, Simon & Garfunkel, Eagles, & The Great Late Nat King Cole! As what I've written earlier, this album is calm, & haunting. The life span is guaranteed to last a bit longer. Also includes a guest appearances by Nick Cave, Will Oldham, & accompanied with selected top notched sessionist.

Best to be enjoyed at a respected volume, while you're relaxing at home during a wet unsunny day along sides the dribbles raindrops. It's a CLASSIC! A 5/5 stars ratings! Acoustic it may appears, but with it's magic, ones may find it's an addictive album to be heard continuously. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Hunt it down! Buy It! & Cherished it! As same as what i did! TQ

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