Friday, October 23, 2009


A live piano/vocal session album by the goth queen Diamanda Galas. I dig it because of it's simplicity & of course the minimal approach. I love it when it's all strips! Yet it is an absolute product of horror elegance.

VOICE:- To me, she have a magnificent voice. But to someone else, she may sounds scary! Her howling is similar to the lady vampire as describe in Ann Rice vampire tales. Believe me, if you're listening to it in the dark on high volume, this album has the ability of making your hairs stands or 'meremang bulu roma'. The high pitched, husky powerful falsetto is outstanding. So with that, I bought this album with an open mind, hoping it's worth the cash I've spend, & indeed it does!

SONGS:- Filled with personally picked song by her, doing a cover of few of iconic tracks, such as 'Autumn Leaves' & 'Long Black Veil'. I'm surprised & feeling shocked at the same time, hearing to the makeover that she had done to the songs. It's unique, dark, damaging, bleeds, haunting, eerie, suspense, yet it's entertaining! A rare sound stage that I find it one of a kind, & it's worth checking out. If she's brave enough to stick with this dark genre, than it's fair enough to us, listeners to be brave as what she did, to give a few playback exploring this work of hers.

To be franked, I only listen to this album on my Tivoli only when I'm alone at home. It's too brute, sadistic, dark macabre atmospheric album, if ones wants to played it, when your loved one is at home. By listening to her howls, I believe, it may lead to a heart attack;- that is just my naughty POV. How's the album like? - To me, yes it's entertaining! Imagine an aging Tina Turner singing a cover songs, injecting the deep dark sadistic goth macabre, blues, jazz, ballads, along side an avant piano playing & the mesmerizing powerful vocal, no doubt it had infected me with a strong feeling of addiction & longing for more! Like an ecstasy, I felt drugged, & stoned; - The result, a constant repetitive listening towards this album continuously on the iPod, whenever I'm outstation before I went to zzzzzzzz...

I've never heard such a work similar to this. So that's why I eagerly wrote this post, in order to share my thought about Diamanda Galas. On scales from 1 to 10, I'll give it a 7. But in the same genre (Goth), it's a classics! Guilty Guilty Guilty hits a 10/10 on my scales chart! My humble advised, do not play it on air during you're open house session. Why? It will make your guest wondering, what're you're a human or a 'Vampire Lestat'! My most fav track on this released is a cover originally sang by the great, late Nat King Cole,- 'Autumn Leaves'. An analog quality live session album, only for experimentalist listeners! Totally not for commercial music followers!


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