Wednesday, January 6, 2010


He he he.... Whose there? Syyyyyyhhhhh.....

Peek -a- Boo! I've watch this movie last nite. At first glanced, it seems, like nothing is gearing up for excitement. Then.... It finally hit me!

An adaptation from a kiddie book writen by Maurice Sendak. It was given an adrenalin boost!-to project this 10 pages sweet charming child tales to something that is so moved too watch, as an adult.

I'm moved by the simple wicked, fun, easy tales of troubled estranged young MAX in the Company Of MONSTERS, led by mixed emotions- CAROL THE MONSTER!

Yes! It's an adaptation, but Spike Jonze had develop this short tales to an inspiring fantasy. Too me, this film
Kinda leap through a metaphor of a kid imaging himself solving a great problem of an adult world, that in the end appears to be, too confusing, & the best result is too back up, & let them(adult) move on to solves what ever need to be done. The Monsters, yes is a brilliant 'Hint' of an 'adulthood' that full of conflicts & apart from all the turmoil, lies the huge amount of spechless beauty! The scenary in this film was shot beautifully in Australia, & it kept me, feeling amazed just by watching the vast enchanted landscapes. Simply Breathtaking to look at!

It's a fun rides, I must say while viewing this film. But the MOST STELLAR SCENES:- I strongly believes(final chapter) is when MAX THE KING, KID was bidding his farewell to his fellow monsters, & Carol the monsters just made it on time to bid him the same, -LAST GOODBYE!

It's a simple scene,- yet I'm moved by the sentimental atmosphere. The sad howls by all the characters during that finale scene, had simply touched me, emotionally. I guees thanks to the melancholy soundtracks produced by Karen O- from Yeah Yeah Yeah.

A simplest thought!


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