Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Love Song of the Decade...

My vote would be, "you're beautiful" by James Blunt. This songs has gained its reputation massively from Mr Blunt debut album back in 2004 (Back to Bedlam). It was written beautifully from self experienced moment which all can be found in the lyrics.

Several versions of the song exist. One lyrical version has an explicit word in it ("She could see from my face that I was fucking high") especially on US/Canada pressing and its single. The radio edit of the song replaces the explicit lyric, changing it to "She could see from my face that I was flying high".

In a poll conducted by Rolling Stone to identify the 10 most annoying songs, this song was ranked seven. In another poll by the British tabloid The Sun it was voted the most irritating song of all time. It's all because of the ON AIR frequency or frequent repetitions...just that!

In 2007 MTV awards, the music video of "you're beautiful" has won 2 categories, best male video and best cinematography. I have to agree that the cinematography was simple yet so effectively mind haunting view. The video is about Mr Blunt committing suicide by removing his belongings one by one and jump off the cliff into icy water at the end of the scene.

"But it's time to face the truth, I will never be with you"..this particular part of lyrics really gives an impact to the song..IMHO


  1. 'fuhhh' ...lama betul lu menghilang..Great comeback articles anyway..glad we are still partners in this blog of yours.

    Dah checkout SPACE GAMBUS EXPERIMENT BY KAMAL SABRAN? YouTube sure have few of his ambitious work.. I'm sure you gonna dig it same as I do...

  2. Thanks bro, been busy lately..lots of thins coming up. Anyway, I'm truly appreciate on your contributions. Keep them coming bro....