Thursday, February 11, 2010


If you're a vinyl enthusiast..then you gotta have this! It's a BLACK SABBATH most Iconic album..yes it does! It contains The Evergreen metal tracks such as the Iron Man, War Pigs, Paranoid(Album Titled) & of course.. it's cosmic ballads- Planet Caravan! It's so iconic because it's represent the past & present sounds of a great indestructible Metal Heads that lived long enough, for us to call them our grand dad..but musically it never fails to tuned our mind towards the band's creative, explosive sounds. They are amazing in what their created, & that's a fact!

PARANOID- is the work of 70's metal genius..although it has been in the market ages ago..but it never fails to captures the younger generation to listen to it..before asking..'Is This New?' -Why? -Because the album..without sounded so ahead of it's era, awesome & the metal riff itself, will leaved ones banging their heads, & thumbing their feets, while playing it on air. One thing..that I loved about this band is..firstly..Black Sabbath have a great taste for their album's cover- which always turn-out STUNNINGLY-COOL especially..on vinyl's sleeve, & of course the songs itself. I's a metal grooves we are reviewing here..but Sabbath's always, I mean, frequently start out the heavier tracks with a mellow, beautiful acoustic@electric guitar solo..before it suddenly turns WHAMM!!! The song..then just.. finally blast it's way through..& rampaging..before end-up again..with Tommi's brilliant final core, in the end, they sums-up the whole song with an epic executioned. Ozzy- the lead singer..had never sounded different from himself since their debut album..until more than 30 years later. Black Sabbath will never sounded as good, as brute, while Ozzy is still with them. My sincere POV,- even Ronnie James Dio..fails to trend set the holy metal sound of Black Sabbath. I know- Some may have vice versa POV..

You may buy this album from It will cost you less than USD$20- New pressing. If you're not particular about the vintage analog sounding, than..PARANOID is damm..very, very worth a pick! If we are referring to the price tag of this collectibles vinyl. At Amcorp Malls on Sat & Sun, during Flea Market,- the cheapest I've encounter will fetch buyer to spend around RM$150-above for the year released vinyl. It's certainly not cheap & the seller, I strongly believed will not..give you a single cent discount on this album I'm reviewing here. make your own judgement.. whether to buy or not to buy.

SOUND & RATINGS- on my personal scales, PARANOID easily hits 10/10! The sound- Let me tell you this..if Led Zep sounded so Awesome on vinyl, especially with it's LED ZEPPELIN II the album, then PARANOID just a step behind. If Jimmy Page can strive with it's bluesy guitar riff, then Tommy Iommi also will blast off with it's metal guitar riff, & acoustics-classicals influenced.. guitar solo! While Ozzy..he never failed to stunned listeners, with his stomach crunching vocal techniques! It's not a rareties.. but it seems to be forgotten-PARANOID-THE ALBUM. So..that's why I'm writing this urged most of the vinyl collectors to induct this great masterpiece into your precious collections! Two words..VINTAGE METAL!

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