Monday, March 22, 2010

Midnight Boom By The Kills

It's always an absolute experience to listened to this Band of Duo- THE KILLS. As for's my third album of this band that I've own. Both, the earlier album is in CD format, while my current buy is a Vinyl.

Midnight Boom is the band latest released & it offers a slight diversion of maturity by maintaining the Art Of Garage Sounds. The duo kinda.. leaping through from their minimal sounds to another form of something that can be recognized as an ear-friendly Sonic groove with a dash of Electro Beat to lighten up..their original electricfying raw sounds. Honestly, this album is worth a catch if you're a fan of White Stripes or anything that's represent the same atmospheric rhythm.. This album is recomended as definate pick.

U.R.A FEVER- is the opening track & the most out-standing track in this released. Not only that- it's the most chill-out track, that in a way make u feels like a cool 'Rockstar' while you're playing it on air! The guitar, & the chill bass line, along side the chic vocal seems to blend perfectly. It make me play it on repeat mode, due to it's cool awesome sonic grooves! It's a laid back neo-garage that sometimes will turn out quite mean..but's The Kills- it's their signature!

The vinyl cost me around USD$24-including Tax & delivery charges. You will get a password- excess to download the whole album in MP3 format. The sound quality is excellent..& the tracks selection is varies from the laid back tunes, to so called more punchier tracks.

The vinyl- Midnight Boom by The Kills on my scales, hits 9/10 easily..due to it's sacred signature of sounds. So..grab it from with a great deal of price! CATCHY & BOOMING!

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  1. beb, lu boleh buat rebiu muzik dalam bahasa melayu? kami sedang mencari kontributor utk blog ;)

  2. Yes...I can do that..I'm already a follower of NP blog..if I have a material..definately I'll send it via NP email add- hampa baca le dulu- up to citarasa then publish le review muzik tu..stay connected & TQ for stopping by! Np blog awesome!-aku dah drop by;)