Friday, April 16, 2010

A Denial Obscurantism Collision In The Outerspace

A 75 years old Poet, A National Icon, A Veteran & A Visionary Musicians a-la Gunslingers(due to their profesionally boldness-not guns) finally collides..resulting another 2 latest, musically vogue tracks, that should not be missed by most of human that already open up their eyes..& ears, who then..finally come to believed, the emerging soundscapes of Space Gambus Experiment led by Kamal Sabran(Electro-Acoustic), alongside his most loyal collaborator Zulkifli Ramli(Oud@Gambus), together with the full support, from their creative comrades.

'Suara Dari Dinding Dewan' is 1 of 2 current songs from SGE. It's an opulent results from a collaboration between Dato' A Samad Said@Pak Samad & SGE. It reminds me of the song from The Doors- 'The End' due to it's lenght that took more than 10 minutes plus. Without exageration..bold I may say..The track was delivered by Dato' A Samad if, he'd blown a soul into the track..resulting what I believed to be The Voiced Of 'Sakti!'. The chimes, although minimal, yet delicate ambient sounds alongside he's angelic reading blends perfectly, the improvision clicks so well..that ones can sense a sudden change of feeling after listening to the words...bits by bits. It's a howl of SAKTI colliding in the outerspace, a stand-out, project by Kamal Sabran with SGE & Pak Samad. It's an abstract vague collaboration that led to a sweat success that should not be ignored if you're one of the 'Space Family' like me. I defined it, as a 'caviar', a bold fusion of State Of Art Sounds & Poetry. 'Suara Dari Dinding Dewan' was a brilliant picked, since it's filled with posh words of abstractionism & heart penetrating rhymes. It made me believed- this words was written full order to penetrates ones emotions...& you may feels it's effects instantly.

'Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip'- is a slight punchier, dreamy like track musically & vocally(Poem readings). The reading was slightly fast..vividly proclaimed a definate answer from a methaporic question- As if it's from Adam & Hawa. Urging listeners to think along side the enchanted poetry written by Pak Samad.

I've come to my conclusion!

SGE- has leaps trumendously from the hidden corner somewhere, from this vast world called Earth. SGE are loading their guns(direction & goals)- maturing progresively..gaining a cult fame..& doing what they believed to be the work of ART- through their cosmic language. I'll give them a both thumbs-ups!-I'll give them an immensed apploused for the efforts..that they have poured to make this dream of cosmic journey to finally...come true!

*The 2 Tracks- Downloads are now available on ''

"A DENIAL OBSCURANTISM COLLISION IN THE OUTERSPACE"- the titled-strictly for 'gimmick' purposes;)

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Scratch My Back by Peter Gabriel

Let's us be honest to each other, let me whisper clearly in your ears with this simple words of mine..I'm a stranger to Peter Gabriel. I've never bought any of his album, & that's make this one here, is my very first ever!

I did stumble upon his work collarborating with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on Scorsese-'Temptation Of Christ' the OST, 'Rabbit Proof Fence' OST, a song feature of him in Cameron Crowe's version of 'Vanilla Sky' & his latest OST composition for 'Wall-E'. Yet, none of the above, had tempt buy one of his album..until this one landed in our shore. It's his brand new album, offering varies of cover songs that specially hand picked by Gabriel himself. - Like what 'Johnny Cash' onced qoute- 'A great song will remained A 'Great Song' no matter how you present it!'

Scratch My Back-

It's a DRUM free album. It's an orchestrial composition, with a blend mix of soothing baroque-pop sounds, that will instantly capture your ears..& best to be played late at nite. It's a cover album..yes!- But it's also a twist of posh covers. Peter Gabriel proves- he's the master of Electro/Soundtracks like- Dreamer Savant..that at the top of his games. Peter Gabriel- now visible pose similar look a-like, same as 'Travolta' latest potrayal in 'From Paris With Love', has embark a new journey of pure elegant & in form of classy rejuvanation. The MAN is back!

With selection..including an impressively stunning cover version of David Bowie, Bon Iver, Arcade Of Fire, Radiohead, Regina Spektor & so fourth..this album is a must have! It's a tribute & an experimental vibes offered by this extraodiniary genius here. The strenght of the album also lies in the overall product of this album. Don't talk about the sound alone- it's Awesome! Even the album cover is minimal & poppingly eye catching! A pic of a Blood Cell!

My verdict- As a beginner..a new follower, a quite late so called discovery..I sincerely- Hailed SCRATCH MY BACK BY PETER GABRIEL- as one of my important discovery this year after Bon Iver! On my scales- it's a defenite 9/10! I can't give it a 10/10- since it remains as a drum free album..which I rarely buy without thinking twice. If it's an acoustic guitar album..then it's in an alternate catagories- whereby it will fall in my most often purchased kind of albums same as Cash, Dylan, Jose' Gonzalez, Cat Power, Damien Rice, Seu Jorge or Kathryn Williams..but as I've written earlier..'Scrath My Back by Peter Gabriel is an orchestrial drum free album..& it's very, very new for my listening preferences!

GREAT COMEBACK- an excelent introduction for a person like me- & I hope it does the same to you...lastly...

'Can you please scratch my back?'

Available At Rock Corner, Subang Parade!

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