Friday, April 16, 2010

A Denial Obscurantism Collision In The Outerspace

A 75 years old Poet, A National Icon, A Veteran & A Visionary Musicians a-la Gunslingers(due to their profesionally boldness-not guns) finally collides..resulting another 2 latest, musically vogue tracks, that should not be missed by most of human that already open up their eyes..& ears, who then..finally come to believed, the emerging soundscapes of Space Gambus Experiment led by Kamal Sabran(Electro-Acoustic), alongside his most loyal collaborator Zulkifli Ramli(Oud@Gambus), together with the full support, from their creative comrades.

'Suara Dari Dinding Dewan' is 1 of 2 current songs from SGE. It's an opulent results from a collaboration between Dato' A Samad Said@Pak Samad & SGE. It reminds me of the song from The Doors- 'The End' due to it's lenght that took more than 10 minutes plus. Without exageration..bold I may say..The track was delivered by Dato' A Samad if, he'd blown a soul into the track..resulting what I believed to be The Voiced Of 'Sakti!'. The chimes, although minimal, yet delicate ambient sounds alongside he's angelic reading blends perfectly, the improvision clicks so well..that ones can sense a sudden change of feeling after listening to the words...bits by bits. It's a howl of SAKTI colliding in the outerspace, a stand-out, project by Kamal Sabran with SGE & Pak Samad. It's an abstract vague collaboration that led to a sweat success that should not be ignored if you're one of the 'Space Family' like me. I defined it, as a 'caviar', a bold fusion of State Of Art Sounds & Poetry. 'Suara Dari Dinding Dewan' was a brilliant picked, since it's filled with posh words of abstractionism & heart penetrating rhymes. It made me believed- this words was written full order to penetrates ones emotions...& you may feels it's effects instantly.

'Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip'- is a slight punchier, dreamy like track musically & vocally(Poem readings). The reading was slightly fast..vividly proclaimed a definate answer from a methaporic question- As if it's from Adam & Hawa. Urging listeners to think along side the enchanted poetry written by Pak Samad.

I've come to my conclusion!

SGE- has leaps trumendously from the hidden corner somewhere, from this vast world called Earth. SGE are loading their guns(direction & goals)- maturing progresively..gaining a cult fame..& doing what they believed to be the work of ART- through their cosmic language. I'll give them a both thumbs-ups!-I'll give them an immensed apploused for the efforts..that they have poured to make this dream of cosmic journey to finally...come true!

*The 2 Tracks- Downloads are now available on ''

"A DENIAL OBSCURANTISM COLLISION IN THE OUTERSPACE"- the titled-strictly for 'gimmick' purposes;)

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  1. dear moloko<
    many many thanks for your support!
    space family rocks!

    need your permission to republish the article.


  2. Permission granted bro- Puas aku pikir tajuk tuh..niat dihati nak berdiri sama tinggi dengan Anak Bumi & Saat Omar! Hoho..

  3. Bro, I think they were trying too hard...sound too cluttered IMHO.