Sunday, November 13, 2011

B&O A8 Earphones...

I just got this pair recently to replace my hi-end Sony in-ear earphones. By comparison between these two, the B&O doesn't have the deepest bass but it just produced the right amount of bass with every detail in recordings, sense of space. For an earphone, this one will provide a long listening session as the lows, mids & highs are so integrated and not like most heavy bass headphones. The's gorgeous!  and the best thing sometime you'll forget that you're on's light and easy on ears!...highly recommended to replaced you ripped off thrown-in Ipod headphone..

Friday, March 25, 2011

Zu Druids answer some questions.

Some of my friends keep asking about Zu Druids performances and I told them it's all depends on individuals. Some comparing with LS3/5A, Pro Ac or PMC...but here's some text for you to read...

"Zu Audio is a group of young music lovers dedicated to finding answers to questions most people don’t want to ask -- questions that challenge the status quo, tweak old-timers’ most cherished beliefs, and rock the foundations of what are supposed to be audio verities: Why can’t we have a full-range cone driver? Don’t we need big drivers to make realistic bass? Can a 12" cube reproduce the deep, rocking bass you hear live?
They’ve answered the first question brilliantly with the Zu Druid loudspeaker ($3400 USD per pair), which has lately been showing up in recording studios. The reason: real dynamic range. The Druid has claimed 101dB efficiency, is rated to play to 125dB in a room, has low frequencies that extend below the lowest note of a standup bass, and has the coherence of full-range drivers. I corresponded with the owner of a recording studio who’d replaced his very-high-end monitors, made by the British firm PMC, with Zu Druids because his clients could feel the music’s impact through the Druids, whether a softly plucked guitar string or a slamming bass drum. He loved the fact that a single driver could reproduce 98% of the music, augmented by only a single super tweeter, for the ultra-high-frequency response. No 6dB crossover is needed to try to emulate point-source coherence. The Druid is a point source". 

People at Zu are music lovers /musicians too and if you can read on "reviewing own system", my finding are the same as described on the above. To review, to rate music / equipments...IMHO knowledge in music is essential, not by only listening to various what's the benchmark or reference?...again, you can read "stereotype audiophile" in earlier post.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Computer Audio System anyone?....

Digital edge has really taking us in the fast lane in every aspects of our life and this also has an effect to our hobby, listening to music.

There are various format of hi-res audio and they are all look promising and for me to venture into CAS is alright...but, I'd like so see the stability of the format and availability of recorded hi-res music.

I don't like the idea of getting the material from cds to HDD/SSD and if that the case, I'd rather stick to cds...period. No doubt there is an improvement over upsampling etc. But I just don't buy the idea, it just like copy a vinyl into a cd for convenient reason. I have to agree that less moving parts in player will further enhance the playback and I 'll say SSD is the best.

In future I hope to see shops selling maybe a code (download over internet), or maybe a flash drive contain music material which you can transfer to music server/SSD. Buying online is more likely for digital music and in the future we can see closing down of music shops...

The CAS is okay in technology advancement...but I'd rather wait or perhaps enjoy this archaic format while I can...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New York, New York! I see it.

This post haven't been published and I thought it was (still in draft mode)...anyway, old story if you care to read.

Today 4th September 2009, I'm once again here at the big apple...New York!. Having been here for few times but I'd like to make a short story of my latest visit. Many people would like to experience the life in New York's busy, hectic but full of life. If you were to stand at one place for an hour, you'll be able to see all the races in world....well, almost.

While the whole world is the scares of H1N1 and back here in Malaysia we can see people wearing face mask, but not here in New York. Malaysian are misunderstood of the way the virus spreading and thought by covering mouth and nose is good enough. Well, the most important is to take care of you hands hygiene as the virus mostly spreads through what you've touched then transmitting by your hands through your eyes, nose or mouth. You should take care when touching any public utility, transport..etc. Escalator hands rail, Ketchup dispenser at McDonalds and the most unhygienic for me are the ketchup bottles in KFC. Everybody shares the same bottle on the tables and by right at this stage of H1N1 in our country, all those should be substituted with individual sachet of ketchup.

While this city is busy but respect and courtesy is highly put at the utmost value and I can say much and lots more better than in Malaysia. We only being nice to foreigner and not to our own people...shame!. We do not have the sensitivity towards others and imagine in public transports in New York that no radios are allowed. This really make sense as you may like the song and I may may understand the language but I may not. Have you experience a bus or taxi drivers in Malaysia tuning into their favorites channel?.

In New York city, there are massive traffic on the road but I can't barely smell the carbon emissions from the vehicles. Main reason that you could think of is the vehicles up to the standard specs of operation and high quality fuel. Instead, I can smell cigarettes smokes more often and bare in mind in Malaysia the numbers of smokers is much greater than in New York but the smoke emissions in KL for instance is at killing stage.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Musical Fidelity A5 CDP....solid, handsome with brain.

After long due from my previous post (been busy really...err..lack of idea, maybe), here is another update on my system.

From my previous post I've mentioned on intention to fully setup my TT. Well, I have to say that my plan was postponed to indefinite time. I've sold my TT!...will make a come back with a better one, but not so soon.

Due to that, I was searching  for better cd player to compensate my "lost in translation" in music reproduction. Few players was being considered like Naim CD5x, Rega Apollo, Cyrus..(I'm still in budget/beginner territory) until I came to this beautifully built, in excellent condition, with minimal used of Musical Fidelity A5 belong to a Doctor.

Before I take the plunged (not too deep to many audio enthusiast), I've read comments and reviews about this player and all are glowing. I know "trust your ears" but I can't do that as the player were up north of peninsular Malaysia and bringing down to KL is considered a confirmed deal. I have to be fair to the seller as well.

So, how does it sounds in my system?. Well...definitely better than my budget player and my research on info, reading on opinions, reviews are all matched on positive side. It was made for only 1500 units world wide on limited edition and it was being awarded the best CD player under USD5000 by Absolute Sound. It uses 6112 tubes at output stage for nice, valve quality of sounds and it can runs up to 100,000 hours and I already got a pair of them for backup.

Base on my regular music that I have listen to, it shows improvements at its best and now I can put a smile back on my face...:).

p/s: pic taken from google and I picked particularly this one as it has Dire Straits cd on the tray....hahahaha.