Friday, February 4, 2011

Musical Fidelity A5 CDP....solid, handsome with brain.

After long due from my previous post (been busy really...err..lack of idea, maybe), here is another update on my system.

From my previous post I've mentioned on intention to fully setup my TT. Well, I have to say that my plan was postponed to indefinite time. I've sold my TT!...will make a come back with a better one, but not so soon.

Due to that, I was searching  for better cd player to compensate my "lost in translation" in music reproduction. Few players was being considered like Naim CD5x, Rega Apollo, Cyrus..(I'm still in budget/beginner territory) until I came to this beautifully built, in excellent condition, with minimal used of Musical Fidelity A5 belong to a Doctor.

Before I take the plunged (not too deep to many audio enthusiast), I've read comments and reviews about this player and all are glowing. I know "trust your ears" but I can't do that as the player were up north of peninsular Malaysia and bringing down to KL is considered a confirmed deal. I have to be fair to the seller as well.

So, how does it sounds in my system?. Well...definitely better than my budget player and my research on info, reading on opinions, reviews are all matched on positive side. It was made for only 1500 units world wide on limited edition and it was being awarded the best CD player under USD5000 by Absolute Sound. It uses 6112 tubes at output stage for nice, valve quality of sounds and it can runs up to 100,000 hours and I already got a pair of them for backup.

Base on my regular music that I have listen to, it shows improvements at its best and now I can put a smile back on my face...:).

p/s: pic taken from google and I picked particularly this one as it has Dire Straits cd on the tray....hahahaha.