Friday, March 25, 2011

Zu Druids answer some questions.

Some of my friends keep asking about Zu Druids performances and I told them it's all depends on individuals. Some comparing with LS3/5A, Pro Ac or PMC...but here's some text for you to read...

"Zu Audio is a group of young music lovers dedicated to finding answers to questions most people don’t want to ask -- questions that challenge the status quo, tweak old-timers’ most cherished beliefs, and rock the foundations of what are supposed to be audio verities: Why can’t we have a full-range cone driver? Don’t we need big drivers to make realistic bass? Can a 12" cube reproduce the deep, rocking bass you hear live?
They’ve answered the first question brilliantly with the Zu Druid loudspeaker ($3400 USD per pair), which has lately been showing up in recording studios. The reason: real dynamic range. The Druid has claimed 101dB efficiency, is rated to play to 125dB in a room, has low frequencies that extend below the lowest note of a standup bass, and has the coherence of full-range drivers. I corresponded with the owner of a recording studio who’d replaced his very-high-end monitors, made by the British firm PMC, with Zu Druids because his clients could feel the music’s impact through the Druids, whether a softly plucked guitar string or a slamming bass drum. He loved the fact that a single driver could reproduce 98% of the music, augmented by only a single super tweeter, for the ultra-high-frequency response. No 6dB crossover is needed to try to emulate point-source coherence. The Druid is a point source". 

People at Zu are music lovers /musicians too and if you can read on "reviewing own system", my finding are the same as described on the above. To review, to rate music / equipments...IMHO knowledge in music is essential, not by only listening to various what's the benchmark or reference?...again, you can read "stereotype audiophile" in earlier post.

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