Sunday, December 30, 2012

Julia Stone - By the Horns

Julia Stone is best known as 1/2 of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Australian brother/sister duo Angus & Julia Stone.

Hauntingly great voice from Julia, soothing at times and the recording is top notch. The album I would say a "dark side" of theme, point it can be eerily and gives you a goosebumps.

Track 3 It's All Okay features an upbeat drumming, a slight "lift up" from the overall dark album.

Listen to last track The Line That Ties Me, this is the song that I can feel she's so close, in the room, live show with me (..without the pole). The emotions of her in rendering the feel to the song as her head/body moves and "captured" by close miking. The rest of the songs are all excellent but this is the best of the best.

If it doesn't give you a goosebumps, you need a system check.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the journey continues...

Hello again, it's been a while for me not updating any news....busy, system change and everything else.

I've read one quote in one of the Europe hifi review, get a life, get a Leben and for that I got my self a Leben!...yup, the CS600. I've been aimed for this amplifier for a quite a long time...and finally!. It's a truly awesome amplifier, beautiful music, the tone, the fullness. I almost rediscover my music again..there is so much to listen in every cds that I used to listen before.

Norah Jones (yeah..boring and guilty) sounded really awesome. Her voice are so much in the room with lots of presence, the double bass shows its real body..the wood, the flex of the string. Almost the real things...

Next, Angus & Julia Stone (down the way), the recording is superb. Julia voice is so addictive and I recommended this album highly to those who enjoy alt/rock country music. I can't really point of which track is the best..but I do like Big Jet Plane very much.

This system is headed by Tri-CD4SE cd player which I found really revealing. The bad, the good of recording will be made audible clearly. I use to listen to Anneke Gronloh cd which converted from LP. From my previous experience with MF A5, I listen to this cd with ease and joy but not with Tri cdp. The Tri will show the pops, cracks, the distortions of the LP tracking (converted from LP) very very mercy. But on the other side, the good recording will sound as it should and it is way way better than MF A5.

The Zu, what I can shines as always..with Leben, it really does shines to the brightest..awesome!

my very own setup

Jeff Days (ex 6moons reviewer) quoted that this is the amplifier that he will use for a life time and he does own this. In one review of one user comparing with Shindo amp (similarly priced). The session was made in two groups, the hifi enthusiasts and the musicians..the hifi enthusiast contemplating in choosing which one to pick, but chose Shindo in the end, but the musicians straight away picked the Leben as a winner without hesitation. You got the picture, I hope...