Sunday, December 30, 2012

Julia Stone - By the Horns

Julia Stone is best known as 1/2 of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Australian brother/sister duo Angus & Julia Stone.

Hauntingly great voice from Julia, soothing at times and the recording is top notch. The album I would say a "dark side" of theme, point it can be eerily and gives you a goosebumps.

Track 3 It's All Okay features an upbeat drumming, a slight "lift up" from the overall dark album.

Listen to last track The Line That Ties Me, this is the song that I can feel she's so close, in the room, live show with me (..without the pole). The emotions of her in rendering the feel to the song as her head/body moves and "captured" by close miking. The rest of the songs are all excellent but this is the best of the best.

If it doesn't give you a goosebumps, you need a system check.

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