Sunday, July 13, 2014

Frank Power Bank - PB-15000Ws

This is my first ever investment in power supply related equipment. I always wanted a proper power filtration, regulated power supply or balanced trans to feed my audio rig. Good design power supply are normally expensive and that makes me always put on hold for the purchase. As the substantial amount of money needed, I've always made a diversion upgrading into other components. By the way PB15000Ws is not a regulator or filtration device, it works differently. But i always believed since day one...good clean power is everything.

Frank is the designer of the Power Bank PB15000Ws and few other products as well. With rave review from users, I've made a decision to purchase from him without an audition. He is a busy man and I put trust on him in this...after all we are known to each other years before. It was a deal and he got it delivered.

The unit need to be charged for 6 hours before initial use and half an hour for installation, that's a swift. Connected directly to my dedicated audio power grid which drawn from mcb and here's how it works:

"The shunt reactor is an absorber of reactive power, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the system. It is the most compact device commonly used for reactive power compensation in long high-voltage transmission lines and in cable system. Frank Acoustics has modified this system using a proprietary system for domestic abodes. The Frank Power Bank Storage component is essentially a scaled down version of this unique system for maintaining AC power to your Hi-fi system" - Frank.

After 7 hours of charging, I started to power up my setup and ready for the first spin of vinyl. First on the platter was Eric Clapton MTV unplugged and queue for Tears in Heaven as it is my most familiar track in the album. 

Starting from cold start up (my setup), I noticed there is an increase in image density to the whole band. The musicians are in ample space between them, thus gives musical instruments more air around them with good decay. Mr. Clapton's foot tapping during the song are position very well in the sound stage.  

This is a live recording, so the musicians aesthetic parlance are clearly picked up during the session...lively!.

Next on the platter was my long time favorite "test" record, Norah Jones - Come away with me. Since the noise floor is reduced, you can almost feel like listening to entirely different pressing of LP. The dark sound staging with better depth of image and great spatial information is what I have encountered. The bass flow are consistent and kick bass with greater presence than before.

The voice projection from Norah Jones seem to sound more freely. Ok, let me try to differentiate how it sound before installing the PB (with some exaggeration). Her voice without PB is like someone hold her neck while singing (not choking) and with PB installed her voices are in full expression and sweet little vibrato to add. It is all great even without PB but when PB came is excellent!.

As mentioned like listening to different pressing of LP, this is like analog master copy being remastered by Bernie Grundman and pressing done by Quality Record or ORG.RTI. It is not hard to notice if you familiar with your favorite track or record. If you looking for a sound change like moving from a night in vietnam jungle to a night in 5 stars hotel, you might have to change the whole setup with expensive line up. With no doubt this going to stay in my system and you should too.

Garbage in garbage out...that is how important power supply to your system, It just like drinking water filter in your house.

The unit still in running in process and I'm sure more significant improvement in my next listening session.