Thursday, June 8, 2017

My cheaper equipment better than yours!...

Sounds familiar?...often misunderstood by most beginners. Comparing expensive equipment into their entry/medium level system.

20 years ago I have used LC Audio mc phono stage with great success in my system consists of Clearaudio Champion/Rega300/Denon 103r - Naim NAC202/NAP200 - Von Schweikert VR1 Speakers. The sound was dynamic to my liking.

Once my good friend of mine has asked me to try Audio research PH  in my system together with ZYX mc cartridge. I was excited since he offered me a very good price if I were to buy from him.

When I hooked up everything for an audition I was hoping all gonna be great in my system..but NO...It's not. The whole sound reproduction was flat, sound staging was collapsed. How could it be with such high end branded items. After a week I decided to return it back to my friend.

I was thinking my cheaper phono stage and cartridge are superior, and I decided to bring it to test with his high end system. He hooked up my LC Audio phono stage with ZYX to his LP12 and sound was huge and dynamic. I smiled and thinking my cheaper LC audio phono is a killer.

After few songs we swapped the phono stage with Audio Research PH and I was totally wrong. The sound coming from his system are way way better all round, no contest!.

The conclusion is, if high end audio gears doesn't sound right in your entry/medium level system, it is actually your system that cannot deliver the best from the high end gears. Things which is made expensive from high quality parts definitely serves a purpose if it is matched carefully. The synergy between components are essentially important.

Cheaper products are more easy to mix and match for a safe sound reproduction. Like wise if they were perfectly matched, they can perform above their asking price better than poorly matched expensive audio gears. Experience is definitely invaluable.

Thanks for your time...till then