Friday, June 8, 2018

what's the frequency is the missing frequency

Using a subwoofer for two channel audio is a not an option to the most of the audiophiles. Not arguing with that but rather to state the fact that we have been missing the essence of full music all this while. A popular belief, on paper at least that there is nothing much of music below 60hz of frequency but why many high-end speakers were designed to go down to 30hz or even 20hz?...because there is so much more than music down below. 

The sub bass provides the first usable low frequencies on most recordings. The deep bass produced in this range is usually felt more than heard, providing a sense of power. Many instruments struggle to enter this frequency range, with the exception of a few bass heavy instruments, such as the bass guitar which has the lowest achievable pitch of 41hz. Depending on music you listen to, if you listen to big band or orchestra there is more low frequencies instruments can enter the sub bass range. Thus, sub woofer is essential.

It is hard to explain why by adding a subwoofer the overall presentation became fuller, image density much bolder, the air of the venue much more presence and the body of instruments are more prominent, especially the piano as there is more bite on the keystrokes and in some best recording you can feel the body of the piano breathe!.

In one my home visit listening to Magico M project which the frequency specs down to 20hz, the owner still add on a magico Q-Sub which go down to 15hz. The integration of the system is seamless and smooth. A 20hz speakers by right is enough to render full musical spectrum but why still a subwoofer?

Most of the speakers being set up for best stereo imaging and sound staging, but not necessary at that position is the best for the low frequency to deliver and you may find that certain speakers designed came with a separate box of woofer cabinets to be positioned according to room acoustic. There are also speakers with multiple small drivers at the main box with separate woofers being positioned accordingly.

For Instance, these three albums are hardly being listened to or always been skipped to the best tracks. It is not because of the recording but something that I am not really into it, something is lacking for live recordings. The CDs being neglected for quite some time, and I pick up the cd again just to listen casually. To my surprise I have listened to the entire CDs non-stop without skipping any track, it is so much to enjoy. Yes, I'm a picky music listener.

I have added subwoofer in my system and tuned to the closest possible best integration to the main speakers. It doesn't exaggerate nor adds unnecessary bass to the system and sometimes you feel the bass a little too much on the certain recording, but that is what you have been missing all these while. It's in the recording, they just resurface for justice of music. Detail seem to emerge better from the mix that left unnoticed  before subs were added.

What subwoofer?, it is GoldenEar FF4, from a company which has won many accolades firing down to 14hz. Did I mention I am using two subwoofers?, Yes, a stereo pair is even better than just one. Didn’t Confucius say, good things come in pairs? :)

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