Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Audio and more...

Howdy folks!

1- Do you believe in AC power supply will effect your playback system?

Well, maybe someone of you may not but many audiophiles will definitely invest into this. Power supply needed to drive your sound system, from the source to the amplifiers, to the speakers, originates from the AC signal coming from the wall. The quality of that power can quite dramatically affect the ultimate performance of your components. Try not to feed more than what is required for your system. I strongly believe and has experienced myself in feeding stable current and required voltage is the most important rules in the audio system. In a good system the sound can become 'hard' or aggressive if over fed and if you did not notice anything, you still doing the good thing :).. In my system I have use a balanced power supply which will eliminate the external noise from entering your rigs, You will immediately notice everything is quieter. My home equipped with 3 phase power supply and I'm using 1 phase just to power my audio system alone. The best I can do.

2- Proper isolated earthing

Having dedicated 1 phase power supply into the audio system is nothing if you are not providing dedicated earthing for your audio. This is a must if you have dedicated supply and I got it done before I moved in. The best earthing is to use the trench method, wheres the copper rod buried horizontally in 1-metre depth.  This will maximise the effectiveness of grounding the copper rod.

3- The room

Get a room folks!, If you are unable to get one try to find a symmetrical balance space. Whether in the living room, family hall or whatnot, adjust accordingly so that your system can be placed as good as possible. Give attention to the sides wall, it has to be balanced. Try as close as you can and get the listening room treated acoustically. The same setup of the system will sound differently in a different place or room.

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